Our offer includes the following scaffolding:

  • Dimensionally matched to the L 3,07m scaffolding system
  • Dimensionally matched to the L 2,57m scaffolding system
  • Dimensionally matched to the Plettac 3,00m scaffolding system
  • Dimensionally matched to the Plettac 2,50m scaffolding system

       These types of scaffolding are available in both steel and aluminium. Scaffolding platforms are available in wood, steel, aluminium and plywood-aluminium combo. The scaffolding we offer has both the safety certificate "B" and Swedish S certificate. They are compliant with the European standards: PN-EN 12810-1:2010, PN-EN 12810-2:2010, PN-EN 12811-1:2007, PN-EN 12811-2:2008,PN-EN 12811-3:2003, EN 74-1. Certificates ensure that our products are safe to use. Our offer also includes scaffolding rated “DiBt Zulassung”, which is required in Germany.

       All our products are subjected to meticulous quality control, including to eliminate hidden defects. This ensures long life and excellent quality of our Scaffoldings.


Mobile scaffolding

        Due to continually increasing demand for mobile scaffolding, we also offer scaffolding dimensionally matched to the most popular mobile scaffolding in the European market.



       We have a complete line of scaffolding accessories to sell. In our offer you can find wall ties, couplers, nets, base jacks and much more.


       Need scaffolding? No problem! If interested, please contact us via e-mail or call us! We’ll prepare an offer just for you!